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Action Fields of Sustainability – Volkswagen Group’s Stakeholder Survey

How important do you assess attractiveness as an employer, intelligent mobility, climate and environmental protection or customer satisfaction as elements of an automobile manufacturer’s sustainability strategy? We at Volkswagen identify a set of 16 action fields – do you agree? Or do we miss out something relevant?

Volkswagen depends on its stakeholders’ opinions and judgement. In just five minutes you can provide your feedback on

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Responsibility is a powerful word but one which is overused in today's world. On this site we explain how we understand this responsibility, what obligations we derive from it, and how we live up to these obligations.

Corporate Responsibility
Cars have a significant impact on people, the environment and society. This leads to specific corporate responsibility.

Responsibility for the Environment
At Volkswagen, responsibility for the environment means producing clean cars in clean factories. This sounds simple, but as so often it is the simplest targets which involve highly complex operations…

Responsibility for the Workforce
By 2018, Volkswagen aims to become the most attractive employer within the automobile industry. To build the best vehicles you need the best team in the business – highly qualified, skilled and above all motivated.

Responsibility for Products

Product responsibility means that manufacturers are answerable for their products. For automobile manufacturers this means doing everything to ensure that their vehicles are as safe as possible.

Responsibility for society
As a company with global operations we have responsibility worldwide for helping to create a society worth living in. We only meet this challenge by applying individual and long-term commitment.